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The Sushi Machine team brings you two of the best sushi Rice Ball Makers available today in the market. Machines are simple and easy to use and are very efficient. Take a look below...

ASM405E/CE Nigri Robot

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The ASM405CE is a semi-automatic shari dama(rice ball) maker. It is sleek in design and is easy to set up, operate and clean down. It features a single immediate demand shari dama dispenser where a single shari dama is dispensed directly onto the operator's hand when placed below the forming area. Alternatively, it can be set to dispense onto the display table for the operator to pick up. The ASM405CE is capable of producing 1,800 shari dama per hour at 60HZ (in Australia where frequency is 50Hz, the rate will be about 1,500pcs/hour).

Production Rate:    1,800 pcs per hour (at 60Hz)
Rice capacity:    3 kg
Dimensions:    W280 x D321 X H545mm
Weight:    16 kg (approx)

Specification:    ASM405CE: 230V, 50Hz, 40W


ASM410E/CE Nigri Robot

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The ASM410E/CE is a high speed fully automatic shari dama makes 'rice balls' for Nigiri and Gunkan style of sushi. The production rate is 2,400 pcs per hour at 60 Hz (in Australia, where frequency is 50Hz, the rate will be about 2,000 pcs per hour. The ASM410E/CE has a turn-table where the shari dama will be dropped continuously in 'auto' mode until the table is full. It will then stop until the shari dama are picked up. It can also be set to 'single' mode where a single shari dama is produced and presented for pick up. The ASM410CE has double 'heat retaining' features using an insulated hopper and a heater inside the machine to keep the shari warm. The ASM410E/CE is light weight and can be carried by one person if moving it around is required.

Production Rate:    2,400 pcs per hour
Rice capacity:    7.5 kg
Dimensions:    W310 x D513 x H636mm
Weight:    23 kg

Specification:    ASM410E: 100V, 50/60Hz, 60W
                            ASM410CE: 230V, 50Hz, 70W


ASM450 /CE

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Automated alignment and automated forming can be done with 1 machine! Grate dedication to your labor efficiency
Auto start: Machine starts forming rice balls automatically in 90 seconds
Catch arm is installed: No need to touch rice balls during operation
50 rice balls are aligned in the tray automatically in 90 seconds

Production Capacity:    2,200 pcs. / hr. *
Hopper Capacity:    Approx. 7.5kg
Dimensions:    W600 x D588 x H690 mm
Weight:    Approx. 43kg

Specification:    ASM450: AC 100V, 50/60Hz, 115W
                            ASM450CE: AC 230V, 50Hz, 130W


ASM 545CE Multi-Nigri Robot

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The ASM545CE is a unique Multi-Nigiri Robot which can be use to produce various shapes of sushi 'rice balls' such as Makunouchi, Nigiri and Onigiri.. This can be done be the various molds. The investment in the ASM545E/CE Multi-Nigiri robot can be easily recovered when you consider the speed, versatility and efficiency of this robot. This sushi robot is also light and small enough to be carried to a new location by one person if required.

Production Rate: Onigiri:    1,100 - 1,650 pcs per hour
Sushi Rice Ball:    2,200 pcs. / hr. (50Hz)
Makunouchi Rice Ball:    1,375-4,400 pcs. / hr. (50Hz)
Rice capacity:    7.5 kg
Dimensions:    W310 x D510 x H692mm
Weight:    25 kg

Specification:    ASM545CE: 230V, 50Hz, 80W


ASM 600E/CE Nigri Robot

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The ASM600E/CE makes the job of the Itamae (Sushi Chef) easy as it produces high volume of consistent shape and size of shari dama(sushi rice balls) effortlessly. Using the ASM600E/CE, anyone can do this job as the machine ensures that almost every shari dama is within 2 g of the nominal weight. The sushi robot also allows for control of weight which can be set for between 18 g to 25 g and the compression of the shari dama can be controlled by simply pressing the '+' or '-' buttons. This enable the operator to control the desired density or firmness of the shari dama according to customer's preference. It's high speed is capable of producing up to 3,300 rice balls per hour.

Production Rate:    3,300pcs per hour (at 60Hz)
Rice capacity:    7.5 kg
Dimensions:    W330 x D520 X H718mm
Weight:    37 kg (approx)

Specification:    ASM600E: 100V, 50/60Hz, 90W
                            ASM600CE: 230V, 50Hz, 90W