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Maki Cutters

Safety mechanism prevents exposing sharp blades. Produces clean and sharply cut norimaki. Highly portable with no electrical power required. Very sturdy blades for a long life usage. 3 specifications to choose from.

ASM 230 Maki Cutter

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This ASM230E Maki Cutter is suitable for sushi businesses that want to speed up their maki cutting operations with safety and efficiency in mind. As this model does need require electricity to operate, it can be transported to any location fast or kept away after completing the cutting operation. This allows the bench space to be used for other functions.

Rice capacity:    3 - 6 kg
Dimensions:    W440 x D340 x H340mm
Weight:    11 kg

Specification:    Roll Length: 185mm into 6pcs or
                                                185mm into 8pcs or
                                                205mm into 10pcs.

ASM 250CE Maki Cutter

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Nicely cut rolled sushi is dropped onto the bottom tray and cutting base is recovered automatically so work efficiency is improved. As the parts are made of resin, cleaning, assembling and disassembling is simplified. The cut base units are for 6 pcs, 8 pcs and 10 pcs. For 6 pcs and 8 pcs, the cut base unit is common.

Power Consumption:    40W
Production Capacity:    Up to 600 pcs per hour
Dimensions:    W360 x D292 x H436mm
Weight:    18kg